Jahangir Karami (Jahan)

Kinesiologist | Acupuncturist

Jahan has more than 25 years of experience in the field of physiotherapy in Iran and more than 6 years of experience as a Physio-Assistant in Canada. Currently, he works as a licensed Kinesiologist as well as a registered acupuncturist in Canada.

Jahan has a vast knowledge of different injuries and conditions due to spending years in the medical field. He worked with a variety of clients, mainly orthopedic and neurological patients, in one of the greatest hospitals in Tehran, Iran, which is one of the biggest trauma centers in Tehran.

Jahan is an expert in the prescription of therapeutic exercises to help people recover from all sorts of injuries, from car accidents and sports to chronic injuries and even day-to-day life aches and pains.

He understands that recovering from injuries can be stressful and a burden. He wants to assure you that he is there every step of the way until recovery is done.