Fariba Chaichi


Step into our clinic, where compassionate care blends seamlessly with holistic wellness, guided by Fariba Chaichi. A licensed acupuncturist and internationally educated physician, Fariba is dedicated to focusing on woman’s health, offering solutions for issues including incontinence, PMS, abnormal bleeding, and painful menstruation.

With an unswerving commitment to woman’s well-being, Fariba seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom with modern medical knowledge. Collaborating closely with a specialized team, she administers acupuncture treatments and pairs them with targeted exercises designed to empower women to regain control and overcome these challenges.

At our clinic, Fariba’s personalized approach empowers women to rediscover relief, balance, and renewed vitality. Her devotion to holistic care, combined with her specialized techniques, has earned her acclaim for the transformative impact she brings to her patients’ lives.

Embark on your journey to renewed well-being alongside Fariba. With her expertise, compassionate care, and a comprehensive focus on woman’s health, she stands as your dedicated partner in embracing a healthier, happier you.